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Travel agency in Ouarzazate

4X4 DES AMIS  Travel Agency in Ouarzazate proposes exploring Morocco through unusual, exciting excursions and tours.
Explore all possible excursions in Ouarzazate.

An authentic, unic adventure in Morocco

Morocco is a country filled with iconic and rich culture. Our touristic transportation agency in Ouarzazate invites you to dig through the hidden treasures of this country throughout unforgettable excursions. Your travels in this country will be marked with authenticity and kindness of its people. Our trips are set up serving one goal and one only; to provide extraordinary, memorable visits and experiences in the heart of Morocco.

Exploring culture in Morocco

Our travel agency in Ouarzazate. Hence, it is possible for you to choose the destination of your Tour that matches your expectations and embark in a unic journey.
Our trips take about half a day, maybe a whole day, or even several days! Our departure is from the city of Ouarzazate. However, it is possible to organize a private transfer through Morocco under
During these excursions, you will discover the rich culture in the country; Historical sites, imperial cities, the desert and the landscapes of Morocco! Join our agency in Ouarzazate, we will help you by finding the perfect travel formula for you. Our ultimate goal is to offer you an unforgettable trip, as well as a complete experience, and for this reason, we invite you to dive in and immerse yourself within the Moroccan culture. Be aware of
the cultural diversity of the country and enjoy it to its full extent. Exploring Morocco begins, with 4X4 DES AMIS.

Excursions from Ouarzazate

Our Transport agency organizes trips involving numerous, interesting activities. Taking about half a day or a full day, they are made in order to allow you to wander the city in admiration. Ouarzazate is known to be “the gate of the desert”, and the small, calm city; which is a perfectly suitable title. Situated at 1600 meters above sea level, that overlooks a desertic plateau which inspires astonishing relief.

4X4 DES AMIS Travel Agency invites you to discover the at most beautiful landscapes in the region of Ouarzazate during different excursions. For example; you can render in the valley of Ounila, and have an amazing view of vegetation in the heart of the Moroccan desert. We also suggest exploring the Oasis of Fint; a hidden Oasis rich with greenery reserved for mass tourism. Simultaneously with your adventures, you will most certainly brought to explore Ait Ben Haddou. It is a fabulous city with traditional architecture perched on the side of a hill.

Finally, your excursion can also include Dades Gorges and the Roses valley.

A warm, responsible Tourism in Ouarzaate

In order to get the best experience in your residency, we recommend you act responsibly. The warmth of the people of Morocco is radiant, and it leaves such a strong positive impact. From the biggest cities, to the small Oasis inhabited by a few souls. Exploring Morocco will leave you speechless. With these excursions suggested by our agency, you will be able have some out of the ordinary souvenirs!

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